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Colombia is a well-known tourist destination for birdwatchers worldwide and the Covid-19 pandemic has hit this region hard and will continue to do so for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. We have joined forces with Colombia's birding tour companies who have come together to create a fund to help the most vulnerable members of the birdwatching community in the country. Due to Covid-19 all the birding tours that were scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled, leaving all the local birding guides and sites without any income at all for the foreseeable future. Proceeds from this fund will help provide a small wage each month to approximately 150 families of the most vulnerable members of the birding community in Colombia, as well as maintain the feeding stations all birders visit and which provide awesome views of so many incredible birds.

The non-profit organisation Coraves (Corporación para el Fomento del Aviturismo en Colombia) will ensure the appropriate management and distribution of the funds raised with this campaign. 

By purchasing these greetings cards you will have done your little bit to help local guides in Colombia. Profits from the sale of this limited edition set of cards will be donated to the fund and we aim to raise £2000 to help with this initiative. #BirdersTogether


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