siberian blue robin face mask

A range of designs aimed specifically for birders.

greetings cards

Packs of 10 greetings cards.

siberian blue robin face mask

A range of 23 different unique designs.

t shirts cards

T--Shirts for Birders.

crescent-faced antpitta

Framed photographs of birds and mammals.

blackbuck canvas picture

Large canvas designs perfect for walls.

A pack of 10 greetings cards with designs based on birds found in Colombia. Proceeds go to helping the most vulnerable in the Colombia birding community. 
Just click on the Crescent-faced Antpitta photo (on right) to purchase or follow this link: #BirdersTogether


crescent-faced antpitta
birding t shirts

We are also preparing a new series of v-neck T-shirts, with a variety of birds on them. We have just received Black Baza in pale grey and Desertas Petrel in charcoal grey. What's next? Antpittas maybe? Exciting times!